My Photographs

by Alrik Thiriet

Point Lobos, California

Pit Viper

Nature Photography

Mother Nature has always been a great source of inspiration and what drew me into photography. From enduring rocks to fugitive wildlife, I keep being amazed by the textures and colors that lay upon our eyes

Life Photography

Candid Portrait photography is the most amazing and powerful form of photography, but to this day, remains my challenge. The mantra is get close to the subject, and if you are uncomfortable, get closer. When successful, the experience is immensely rewarding. I best enjoy it while traveling and discovering new cultures.

St Patrick's day parade, Houston

Fish Market, Maputo

Pyramide du Louvres, Paris

Tower Bridge, London

Architectural Photography

Architecture is a side passion of mine, not just because I married into a family of architects. I admire the creativity of the men and women who have built extraordinary things throughout our history and take great pleasure in photographing them.