Speed! this is how I lived my life. I craved for adrenaline charged action. Then, I sat on a mokoro in the Okavango delta, probably the slowest moving boat on the planet. I discovered a whole new feeling, very deep, very profound. One of peace! My mind was in perfect adequation with the amazing nature surrounding us. I knew this experience had to be repeated.

Fast forward a couple years. A virus that was first discovered in China was slowly making the headlines. The annual rains deep in the mountains in Angola were also raging. It would take months before they reach the flat plains of the okavango when it is best to explore this wonderful delta. Yet, there is something very special about the rainy season with its storms, the deep colors, the birds. I book a ten day trip back to Botswana for late february. As the time to depart approaches, the virus is clearly more on top of everyone’s mind, at least in some parts of the world where a mjor health crisis is about to begin. I can’t say I wasn’t stressed, after all states were started to close their borders. Would we be able to come home to Mozambique? We land in the Okavango. No more news, no more internet. A break between two heavy rainfalls and hop, we go on a mokoro. Suddenly all my worries vanished. I found once more this deep sense of mindul peace.

The delta offers the best wildlife sightings on the continent. Wildlife is plentiful, in its utmost beauty, and cruelty at times. it is wild there, preservation has been a priority and few people are allowed at any one time. I feel so priviledged to have had the chance to be there twice. I hope to return as I have not found any other place where I felt so good.