Weston Beach, Point Lobos

Weston Beach, Point Lobos (Leica M9, 21mm, f/16, 6.0s)

I was visiting the Monterrey Bay area in California for the second time and once again I was welcomed by drizzling rain. The light was dull and I could only imagine what it would be like on a bright sunny day. The coastline is spectacular but I needed some decent light for attempting to capture a decent image of the area. I focused my attention on Point Lobos by Carmel-by-the-Sea, perhaps one of the best spot along the California coast, with rocky shores beaten by intense waves, quiet alcoves, marine wildlife including Sea Lions, endangered Sea Otters and many birds. I thought I was lucky as the rain stopped for a while leaving me time to walk the trails. But it finally caught on me and had to rush back to the car. I was about to quit and leave the area but I had second thoughts and decided to wait longer, after all I had no commitments. I waited until the schedule sunset, with little hope. But suddenly, it started to clear a little and I rushed to the spots I had recognized earlier. It turned into one of those amazing sunset that only occur on rainy or stormy days.