A world of granite cliffs, endless waterfalls and giant sequoias.

Bridalveil Fall

At Bridalveil Fall, the water drops from Cathedral Rocks down to the valley, 188m below. Reaching the bottom of the fall is a unique experience. A concrete trail leads you to the scene, where gallons of water are falling every second. The water is flowing on the trail. The reward is  that on sunny days, a rainbow forms and you can walk in it, forming a full circle around you. Quite amazing isn’t it?

Yosemite Fall

Surrounded by giant cliffs of granite, Yosemite valley offers superb views of water falls. The alpine meadows of the Sierra Nevada are filled with meters of snow in the winter. The melting snow feeds many gigantic and powerful falls, amongst the tallest in the world, best seen in the spring.

Yosemite Valley, tunnel view: El Capitan and Bridalveil Fall lead the view to Half Dome.
Meadows and the Merced River
Upper Yosemite Falls
Upper Yosemite Falls
The Merced River
El Capitan