The Singular

A breathtaking hotel on the skirts of Puerto Natales and a former home of the Frigorifico Bories, a cold storage plant built in the early 20th century.

In 1877, 300 sheep were introduced in Patagonia from the Falklands Islands. By 1915, the Frigorífico Bories factory was fully operational and could process and refrigerate up to 1000 sheep.

The association of modern design to a century old structure offers maximum luxury to the guests with unforgettable views of Seno Ultima Esperanza.

The ‘Last Hope Sound’ remains inhospitable and has seen many wrecks.

View from the funicular taking you down to the restaurants and rooms from the lobby.

The peer was used to send the frozen sheep on board cargo ships.

Remains of an old furnace.

Chef Laurent Pasqualetto is preparing some outstanding dishes in the kitchen and it is our duty to warm our palate at the bar to fully appreciate the flavors of lamb, king crabs and guanaco.

20th Century Machinery

A long custom table separates the bar from the restaurant. Cocktails and amuses-bouches were ideal to warm your appetite and enjoy an incredible dinner experience (King Crab, lamb, guanaco).


The cosy lounge in the Singular is furnished with colonial  chairs and sofa. Enjoy a pisco sour or one of the patagonian beer (Austral, Magallanes, Baguales)