The Wave and so many wonderful treasures

Yes, sometimes you have to win the lottery to hike a trail. Welcome to the North Coyote Buttes, a section of the Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness managed by the Bureau of Land Management. For such an unforgettable experience, I decided I will test my luck again one day.

Managed by the BLM and located in a section of the Paria Canyon – Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness, a permit for the North Coyote Buttes gives you the privilege of exploring an exceptional area of exposed Navajo Sandstone. Don’t limit yourself to the most famous feature called “The Wave”, go explore.

The “Wave” and other interesting features are exposed Jurassic cross-bedded aeolian Navajo Sandstone. The wide range of colors exhibited by the Navajo Sandstone reflect a long history of alteration by groundwater and other subsurface fluids over the last 190 million years.

Pigments of iron oxydation give the sandstone these rays of variable coloration, enhanced by sunlight. As the sun rays bounce back from a rock wall to the sandstone under indirect lighting, shadows are illuminated reinforcing the rock’s natural colors.