Antelope Canyon

The most amazing slot canyon I will ever see?

Four elements, one canyon





Beat the crowd

Antelope canyon is an absolute wonder, whose reputation goes way beyond the US borders. The only way, at least to my own experience, to truly appreciate the grandeur of these slots canyons is to join a photography tour. Not only, more time can be spent in the canyon, they will make sure groups are small, people don’t obscur the views and the tour occurs at the perfect lighting conditions.

Taking these memorable pictures requires the use of a robust tripod with a full motion head, because picture opportunities are everywhere in the canyon. Look up! When it comes to a choice for a lens, a wide angle lens is all you need. My 12-24 f/4 was an excellent choice. Changing lens in the canyon is not an option due to the amount of dust in the air.

Spend the extra money, take a photography tour

Black & White

It may seem inappropriate to shoot such a colorful canyon in black and white but as often, it allows me to this beauty in a very different way, one than I cannot see with my own eyes, revealing other forms and textures, thanks to great contrast. Wouldn’t be great if our eyes could switch between variations of the light spectrum?