Who am I

I am a passionate deepwater petroleum engineer and enthusiastic amateur photographer

My Story

Born and raised in France, I left my home country after getting my petroleum engineering degree from Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Géologie in Nancy, France. I started my career in London and have since move to Houston, Texas. I have taken advantage of each and every business trip along with personal vacations, to bring my camera and fulfill this other passion of mine, photography. From remote outdoors to the busiest cities, all occasions give me the same pleasure, trying to capture those fugitive but powerful emotions.

In Houston, my wife and two boys give me the perfect pretext to take the camera out of its bag. When time permits, I spend it in my digital darkroom, trying to develop my negatives into what was originally a source of inspiration. I hope to share some of my experiences with you.

Professional Expertise

  • Petroleum Engineering 50%
  • Earth Modeling 80%
  • Oil & Gas field development 60%
  • Oil & Gas field production 30%

Photographic Expertise

  • Landscape Photography 60%
  • Portrait Photography 20%
  • Nature Photography 50%
  • Digital Darkroom 70%

I once believed or perhaps dreamed I would discover the world, get to experience all its beauties and observe all the diversity in human cultures. I no longer believe it can be achieved, nor should it. I came to this realization when staring at the sky on a chilling winter night in Arizona, when I understood what infinity really meant. We are not meant to capture infinity, or even understand it. By focusing my eyes into smaller portions of the sky, I could suddenly appreciate its true beauty. It was time to slow down, focus my energy into fewer but more rewarding experiences. I will not see the world, but what I see of it will be a true blessing.

My travels