In the nature reserves South of Maputo, just North of Ponta Chemucane, lies the Anvil Bay lodge. Reaching the pristine beach of the lodge presents some challenges: there are no roads in the reserves, merely some sandy tracks, necessitating the use of powerful 4×4. This is part of the adventure, a very¬†rewarding 2 hours drive within coastal forests, ancient dunes, plains and lakes with wonderful wildlife encounters. And when the road ends, you leave your car and shoes and walk through the forest. Suddenly, through a narrow cut, you discover a breathtaking view of the ocean.

The area is Mozambican nature at its best: the forest established on tall sand dunes offer a perfect habitat for a variety of birds, freshwater lakes and plains attract large mammals and in the ocean, you find coral reefs rich with amazing diversity. Between August and November, the humpback whales are easily spotted, and you might be lucky enough to see elephants on a safari the same day. Later, turtles come on the beach to lay their eggs and 6 weeks later, the little ones hatch.

There is also something magical about the sundowner experience, whether from the top of the dune, or on a dhow on Lake Machai. Ricky Bell and her staff are always around to ensure your stay is as magical as the location deserves.